Birth Doula Services

Helping you build and create your best birth experience.

As a birth doula, I feel my role is to provide continuous physical and emotional support to you and your birth partner. Not only would this support come during your labour and delivery, but also during pregnancy and your postpartum journey.  My birth doula packages include a minimum of two prenatal visits, support throughout your labour and delivery, and a minimum of two postpartum visits.  I will work with you during your pregnancy to put together your ideal birth plan and help you prepare as much as possible for the upcoming arrival of your child.  My birth doula services can also be packaged together with my postpartum doula services, as well as my fitness services.

A birth doula:

  • recognizes birth as a key life experience that the mother will remember all her life

  • understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labour

  • assists the woman and her partner in preparing for and carrying out their plans for the birth

  • stays by the side of the labouring woman through the entire labour

  • provides emotional support, physical comfort measures, an objective viewpoint, and assistance to the woman in getting the information she needs to make ...her best... decisions

  • facilitates communication between the labouring woman, her partner, and clinical care providers

  • perceives her role as one who nurtures and protects the woman's memory of her birth experience

A birth doula does not:

  • perform clinical tasks, such as blood pressure checks, fetal heart checks or vaginal exams

  • prescribe or even recommend medications

  • make decisions for the client or even advise her as to what decision to make

  • Speak to the client's caregiver on her behalf

DONA International - Approved Birth Doula Workshop


Victoria, BC, Canada



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