Reviews and Testimonials

Leah is one of the hardest working, warm hearted dedicated people I know. She has the friendliest smile and personality and will support and encourage you the whole way through. JB

Thanks so much for your help in bringing baby O into this world!  Your help and kindness with M was also very much appreciated.  All the best in your path. S, A M and O

She is probably the sweetest, kindest, most empathetic person I have ever met. She is mom too so she gets it. If you are pregnant or planning on it in your future check this out. Or if you are a Mama looking for a work out Leah is an awesome motivator. I have taken her fitness classes and I can honestly say she is an amazing instructor. AT

Thank you for all your help, support, and advice during the birth of my son and his first 2 months of life.  I am so very grateful to have had you be such an important part of the biggest event in my life.  My family and I are blessed to have known you. AM

I have taken a lot of different fitness classes in my adult life, searching for the right fit for me in terms of exercise and instructor.  Leah's classes offered me just what I was looking for - the right combination of challenge, fun, and variety.  Her classes are never boring, and she always offers you alternatives if the exercise doesn't work for your body or your fitness level.  She is encouraging without being annoying, and approaches exercise with a "let's enjoy ourselves" kind of attitude. She is funny and personable, while also demonstrating her considerable expertise and gives helpful feedback on how to improve your form.  The participants in Leah's classes all had different fitness levels and goals, and Leah designed classes that worked for all of us.  I thoroughly enjoyed Leah's classes and also felt my fitness, form, and confidence improving through attending Leah's classes.  I would highly recommend Leah's classes for all levels and abilities! EC

Thank you so much for all the help you have given us during the most important event in our lives. Words are not able to describe how grateful we are to have had you during this time. The help I received from you was so important in making this experience as wonderful as it was. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Thank you so much for helping us before, and especially after the birth of B. As you know, we had a lot of stress and worry surrounding his birth, so we were so thankful for the amazing offer from you, and we are still so grateful for the help you provided our family during our first few weeks at home. 

It’s incredible that there are amazing people like you, who are willing to donate your valuable time and expertise to help families like ours. We appreciate the time you spent with us more than we can explain. 

Thank you again SO much for your help. It’s truly something that we will never forget. 

I just wanted to say you're under paid for the service you provide.  You are actually worth your weight in gold. RR


Victoria, BC, Canada



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